Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Potty Training Charlotte - Day 2

Thanks to Mummy Central for the Potty Training In A Week

So we’re onto day 2 and I wasn’t sure if Charlotte would want her pants on or not but after breakfast I asked her if she wanted a nappy on or pants and got told most definitely “pants”. The timer has gone today and it’s just remembering to ask her every 15 to 30 mins. She wanted to sit on the potty every 5 mins though but quite often said no when I asked her. Suddenly she came running to me holding her bits so I said come on let’s sit on your potty, she said “no” so I didn’t push it but I thought she did want a wee and yes I was right. Next minute she was crying and was having an accident. I reassured her it was ok and quickly sat her on the potty explaining that’s where she should sit when she wanted a wee. Cleaned up and carried on. I think she understands what to do, it’s just learning to put it all together and get to the potty when she needs to. I have to go out to the doctors later (my stupidly swollen tonsils) and not sure what to do. She’s not quite ready to tackle potty training while we’re out and would hate it if she had an accident while at the dr’s but don’t want to put her back in nappies just so I can go out.
Decided not to bother with the dr’s. I’ve coped with the sore throat/tonsils for over a week now so another few days won’t matter. Not having much success today. She’s had 2 accidents so far and been quite upset afterwards so knows she should go on the potty. Each time I calm her down, telling her it’s ok and then just carry on as normal. Supposed to be helping at breastfeeding cafĂ© in the morning but don’t know if I can risk it, partly because of my tonsils and partly because of how potty training is going.

Today was a bit of a disaster with every wee and poo being an accident culminating in a total meltdown from Charlotte telling me she wanted a poo and finally asking for a nappy back on (no poo though). Had she had at least 1 wee on the potty then it would have helped. I know she will get there but thought we might have had a little bit more success on day 2.

Have to go out tomorrow and Fri so have asked hubby to get me some pull ups and see if she manages better with those. I’ll keep on asking her but I think it might take some of the pressure off.

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