Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Potty Training Charlotte - Day 1

Thanks to Mummy Central for the Potty Training In A Week

We’ve had the potty out in the bathroom for a few months now and we let Charlotte use it before bed, usually with her nappy still on without any results but it was getting her used to sitting on it. Last week we went out and let her pick out some pants (well lots of pairs of pants actually, hope it’s enough) and some waterproof shoes for days out.

I had planned to potty train Charlotte this week because it was the first week of the school holidays, all our clubs were shut, plus Isabel was going away for the week so I would be able to give Charlotte my full attention. However both girls and myself have been ill. Isabel got better fairly quickly but Charlotte is still poorly and my tonsils just aren’t getting any better so I decided to put it on hold. So Monday came and went and Charlotte was still in nappies. Tuesday I was going to do the same and put potty training on hold until next week, would be harder with 2 around but at least we should all be well by then and more able to cope. However by mid morning Charlotte had other ideas and asked to go upstairs to the toilet. Her nappy was still dry from when I changed her at about 8am.

Day 1
So today (Tuesday 26th July) is day 1. She picked out her pants; we got the big potty out for downstairs and got out the changing mats for under the potty and on the sofa. I printed out a Potty Training Sticker Chart and showed Charlotte her stickers and explained how she would get a sticker for every wee or poo on the potty. Not sure if she gets that yet but we'll see.

The training says set the time for 5-minute intervals but Charlotte thinks every 5 seconds is about right. That last for about half an hour until she realised that she only needed to sit on every 5 mins or if she needed a wee. 1st accident and she looked so shocked but I just reassured her and cleaned up. Carried on with the timer and kept trying to distract her to do other things as well. She was sat watching a film when she got up and took her pants off. I asked her if she wanted a wee – “no” was the reply but she kept trying to sit/squat and stupid mummy didn’t get the signal and accident number 2 on the carpet. I felt so bad that I hadn’t realised what she was trying to tell me. She was fine and I cleaned up. By this time she was getting tired so I put her nappy back on, gave her a feed and she had a sleep. When she woke up she was still sleepy so nappy ended up staying on until almost bedtime when she asked for pants on again. So no successes but definitely not a failed day at all. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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