Monday, 17 January 2011

Breastfeeding Is.....

When asked recently on to describe breastfeeding in 3 words the replies were extensive but certain words kept cropping up again and again – normal, lovely, the best….
So what does breastfeeding mean to me. Well for me it means lots of things but watching my little girl feeding herself back to sleep last night it was just beautiful. She was calm, contented and well…..just so beautiful. I really wished I’d taken a picture but that would have woken her up again and spoiled the picture.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not always this picture of blissfulness. We’ve had our tears and battles. At 21 months she’s still not sleeping through the night. I don’t mind most times but when she takes forever to go back to sleep it does wear me down but I can always offer her another feed and this calms us both down. Oxytocin is a wonderful drug.

To my little girl, breastfeeding is so much more than her needing food. She will feed whenever she needs any sort of comfort, just fancies a cuddle or wants some mummy time. She knows that I’m always there to offer her whatever she needs and whenever she needs it.

So breastfeeding is lots of things to us both.