Friday, 8 April 2011

Why Are Children So Cruel?

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Why are children so cruel? A simple word or gesture can be so hurtful to another child. This may well be done without the culprit even realising but sometimes said on purpose.

Maybe they haven’t thought through their words or actions enough to realise the consequences or just can’t even see it from the other child’s point of view but that doesn’t make it right. These actions can then be made worse when the parents don’t react to the action or word and explain to the child why what they did/said was wrong or hurtful. I would like to think most parents would get their child to apologise if they had seen/heard what went on but so often children say or do things when there isn’t an adult around. Are they bullies or just don’t have the ability of empathy?

So as parents what can we do if our child is on the receiving end of these incidents – comfort them, obviously but how much further do we take it? Would you speak to the other child involved, their parents/teacher? Explain to the other child how horrid they are being? Accuse them of being a bully?

Where does it end? Will these children go one to be cruel adults or will they hopefully learn that you can’t say/do unkind things without consequence? How can we help them as adults?

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