Friday, 25 March 2011

My Baby Is Having A Baby

Son & Daughter 21 Years Ago
Waking up this morning to find a text from my eldest daughter was a bit odd but with the school rush etc I didn’t have a chance to ring her back. It wasn’t until about 10am I had the chance to sit down and ring her. What I wasn’t expecting was what she said – “hello grandma”. What? Did I hear her right? I’m going to be a grandma? Yes, I had. She told me she had done the test and it came up 3-4 weeks pregnant. Now if it had been me and I was in her situation I don’t think I’d have been so eager to tell everyone so quick. She has been seeing her boyfriend for a lengthy 4 weeks, neither of them have a job - in fact her boyfriend is only 17 and still at school until the summer when he turns 18. He is still living at home with his mum & daughter is spending most of her time there too after she moved back to her dad’s despite the house being up for sale. To say I was in a state of shock is an understatement. I admit to having a bit of a cry.

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So yes I’ve come round to the idea but I’m still not looking forward to telling my parents. It’s almost as bad as when I had to tell them I was pregnant 23 years ago when I was just 19.

Daughter with her little sister


  1. Hello, just popped in for a nosey from the MLM link :)
    I've just had my first baby 12 long, hard, tiring weeks ago and know it's hard enough looking after a baby when you have a strong relationship and both employed. I guess we often learn the hard way in life.
    Just be prepared for the endless childminding you'll be requested to do!!

    I wish I'd come across you 12 weeks ago, I had an awful time breastfeeding but was told "just stick at it" while my baby was starving. I was utterly devastated when I had to conceed after 5 days and knew nothing about formula feeding. It's a terrible feeling to be unable to breastfeed, I just hope I can manage better next time.

    Kerry xx

  2. Well, first of all let me congratulate you on the news; a birth is always something to celebrate, but you are right, it is a worry when the parents are so young and have very little. And I don't think many people are in a position to be choosy these days. Some youngsters think the world owes them a living and receiving benefits is just a case of filling in a form. But isn't quite as simple as that is it. Child rearing is bloody hard work and even harder if you have little finances.

    Good luck to them, I hope she has a good pregnancy and things work out.

    CJ xx

  3. Awe Kerry I wished I'd know you too. Please don't beat yourself up about it. You did 5 days and that is a lot more than some mums, plus you did what was right for you and your baby with the information and support you had at the time. Thanks for the comment.

    CJ - thanks for the congrats and kind words. I think they'll both come down to earth with a big bump once baby is here.