Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I Think I'm Losing My Marbles

This morning I’ve had to do the school run twice just because I forgot my daughter’s wellies. We had a text message yesterday to ask us to bring them in and daughter has been reminding me all morning but yes I still managed to walk out of the door without them.

So am I losing my memory or is it just down to trying to remember too many things?

As busy mums we all have a hundred and one things going on in our heads at once so it’s not surprising we forget things once in a while. It’s just I seem to have got to the point that if I don’t write it down in triplicate then I’ll probably forget it.

Is this an age thing? I am 43 after all and so things do start going wrong as you get older oh and start going south too but that’s another blog.

Maybe I’m just not using my brain enough. I watch quiz programmes and can answer a lot of the questions, well unless it’s Egg Heads, and I play games online and on the Wii but I’m definitely not using my brain to it’s full potential. Again I think this might be partly to do with the fact that I’m at home with the kids all day. Do working mums have the same problem, is it worse for them because they have extra things to remember or do they remember things easier because they are using their brains?

Let me know what you think. Do you forget things or do you have a knack to help you remember?

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  1. Oh and the marbles are on an A5 book and they are used to represent the size of a baby's tummy on Day 1, Day 3 & Day 10. These show just how small an amount of milk baby needs to fill them up.